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So I have just seen a post on another app and I saw that Suga is no longer blonde. He has changed his hair colour for their comeback in November. He is now a pastel like purple with a hint of pink. I love Suga so I think any hair colour suits him. I loved him with blonde hair but this colour just does it for me! What do you guys think?
Aaaaaaand....! There goes my bias list again.
Hhaaaaaaa!! Right now I'm the copy of Suga's hair!!!! Same color, same haircut, but not as pretty as Him LOL 馃槀馃槀馃槀
@KatelynSummerso I know right! He always kills me!
@dlphn100grl ikr and his hair right now looks like Woozi's Adore U era!!!
I'm sorry but why he gotta look like Woozi? This doesn't help my heart...this makes him even more attractive...I mean, more more like a bias wrecker...dammit SUGA STAHP
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