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I honestly don't think that I need to explain why "Black man style English" is a terrible way to describe a pattern of speech/accent. And while I know that these things don't come from a place of racism or ugliness...can you not? It's 2015 and although SK is far from being a melting pot, somebody had to think that this was a bad idea.
I mentioned this in the video, but I'm not trying to throw Rap Monster under the bus...just using him as an example. BTS fans don't hurt me plz <3
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I think where some of the confusion comes in is that Koreans have dialect based on where they live and such but that is a lot less evident in the English language yet it still varies greatly based on who is saying it. I'm not saying that that was the right way to describe it but I think it help explain his thought process.
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He sounds like a white boy to me even when he uses slang.
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