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All of us here in the Vingle Anime Community are super stoked to welcome you all here!

There's nothing better than adding new friends to our weeabu/otaku family here!

I'm @VinMcCarthy, and I am a supporting member of the moderator team here in the Anime community, with my fellow support @Rosepark and the lead moderator @poojas! If you ever have any questions or concerns, or just want to say hi, send us a message!

In this community you'll find loads of people sharing their personal opinions and loves about all things anime (and manga!). You'll find laughs and feels and friendships, if that's what you're into! Need recommendations? Find em here! Wanna share your own? Same deal!

Welcome to the friendliest anime community anywhere!

Everyone is so excited to meet and talk to you!

Just wait until you see the fangirling/boying that awaits!

You're gonna have a good time! Rin guarantees it!

These are three of my favorite male characters of anime!

To introduce yourself, why not comment below saying hello and three of your favorite anime dudes!

Hi! im bianca! omg ist so hard but if i had to pick three then maybe sebastian mckaylis from black butler, zero from vampire knight and tamaki suoh from ouran! or maybe kirito..or natsu...or luffy...or levi...or..oh man 😅😂😂
Jk I'm a mortal too! I don't actually have a DeathNote (yet). I'm just a nerdy otaku. My favorite male anime characters include L from DeathNote (duh!), Kirito from SAO, and Crona from Soul Eater. However, my personality is more like Issei from Highschool DXD.
I'm Danse. (or Evan ^_^ *waves*) My top Favorite is Gintoki Sakata[Gintama]. No 2's or 3's for me. Everyone else is equally awesomesauce. Nice to meet everyone!
@AlejandraMarin Because a world without Light... would be dark.
Hi my favorite three anime sides are Kakashi from Naruto Grey from Fairy Tail and Kirito from Sword Art Online
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