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whenever I tell someone of my uncontrollable obsession with yaoi....
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@SAMURXAI I totally get that way with certain anime characters. like, kamui I'm clamp's X
@Inaritricx glad I'm not alone there. I try not to get to absorbed in it, I mean unreality and all that. but hey, it's fun to imagine. and I'm sorry, kamui I'm clamps x? I don't follow lol
it's an anime called X. by the creator clamp. it's really good, kinda oldish, but good
When I meet new anime buds, I'm always nervous when asking them if they like yaoi. Like, I asked this one girl and she was like: "Ew no that's disgusting! " and I'm like: "......Pffft, ikr." *dying on the inside*
if someone were to ask me that, i would go on for hours about the most inappropriate subjects regarding yaoi