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Yeah, you heard it right..
he just seems like that kind of guy.
Now...let's analyze some evidence
Jonghyun is beautifully destructive ...like dinosaurs ruining cities- but in a way, it's almost beautiful ;-; ...if that even makes any sense
Sometimes he just looks like he has total power over everything -almost evil looking *-*
but we all know Jonghyun is not completely evil ...
...but just look at his dino features !! (this is just living proof that dinosaurs still roam earth today)
The last piece of evidence is that he likes to bite his fellow bandmates. If this doesn't prove that he is indeed a dinosaur, I don't know what will

I saw that other people called Jonghyun dino, so I know I'm probably really late with this nickname. ^=^ I didn't even know people called him dino until I did some research, but I coincidentally called him this before I actually got into SHINee lol

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No but when I send them via text or mail they come back up as gifs
hmm...thats weird. maybe try going on ifunny and saving gifs there. There's a save button that shows up once u click on the share button (which is in the bottom right corner)
Ok I'll try that, thanks for the help 😁
no prob!! :D