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YAY I'VE WAITED FOR THIS!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Go check it out >here<
Crush: Kyung (I probably was confused because he's my bff) Boyfriend: Ukwon ( Because after he took me on vacation we kissed and he's been protective ever since) Secret Admirer: Taeil (Hes been in my class since third grade and developed a crush on me) Saves Me: Jaehyo ( He also likes me, he's been jealous of my relationship with Ukwon since we got together) First Kiss: Ukwon ( After the vacation we took to Hawaii) Takes me on Vacation: Ukwon (We went to Hawaii) Protector: Ukwon (After he confessed on vacation and we kissed he asked me out) Jealous One: Jaehyo Best Friend: Kyung (We've been best friends since before we started school, he's my neighbor. Ukwon got jealous at times) Husband: Taeil (One day me and Ukwon got into a fight and Taeil comforted me. I broke up with Ukwon and got with Taeil, we got married 6 months later)


_________________________________________ :DDDDD
I'm so happy with my results :DDDD Even though I didn't get Zico or P.O. D:
Love you guys!!!!! - :3 Go check out more screenshot games with @AimeeH !!
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