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I hate the way you look at me. I hate the way you look down at me. I growl and grunt as I walk away. Why do you do the same? It's me who should leave. Not you, what are you doing? Mimicking my actions. Stop. Yeah.... stop. You smile at me... I grin at you, you laugh at me... I cry at you. Stay away. No... get closer. We began to laugh, both of us. Looking around at those who are afraid of us. Slam a fist at the mirror, rip the couches apart, break the glass that reflects who were not. I'm not human, you aren't human. What are we? Finding passion in pain, pain in passion. Love in our hate, Hate in our Love... which one is it? Are you human? Or are you what you don't want to be? Are you the stars in the sky? Or the sky as a whole? I know what we are. I know who you are. It's what keeps us sane, keeps us alive. I am, You are, the Psychopath. Why?
sorry no I'm in the high functioning sociopath club
@alexthegreat475 Till the end!!
Sanity isnt necessary. Psychos till the end. 🙌🏼
@carnagerabbit Welp. your always welcome bro