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my dream is to visit south korea with my best friend :) I only have like 8 dollars and 77 cents but it's a start! I gotta start saving!
anyone else got a dream they want to save for? or mabey the same one as me? ^_^
I was wondering cuz I want to go too haha
I'm doing the jar thing too - but mine's for New Zealand - best of luck to anyone saving for they're dream!!
Hahaha i have the same dream. but it depends where you are if your in the US plane ticket to Asia is $1,000 plus depending on the season and of course you also need money for food and accommodation. it's a good start good luck may all of our dreams come true. atleast your only saving for yourself, I have to save for me, my husband and 2 kids it's our dream vacation.
Same dream! I have a jar for it too. I'm not even close to the amount I need but, little by little, we'll get there. Good luck! ^v^
a plane ticket to seoul cost $286.30 but i believe you can do it
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