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Fairy Tail is Number 1 πŸ‘†
Hey! I'm new, so I want to say what's my favorite anime (even though I watch soooo many αƒš(Μβ—‰β—žΰ±ͺβ—Ÿβ—‰β€΅αƒš) )
Fairy Tail is tots #1 for me because it's soooo much fun to watch and quite exciting!
For starters it's pretty funny
Natsu is pretty badass too
NaLu is definitely for the win!!
and overall they're NAKAMA.
So yeah I hope you watch Fairy Tail too and Read both manga's of Fairy Tail & Fairy Tail Zero.
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Thats my favorite anime too
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cant help but feel bad for happy in the second one poor happy
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