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Pencil on 120lb fine weave cotton cardstock. I'll scan it later... for now - sorry! I just have my cell phone handy. Mechanical pencils and Faber-Castell - Castell 9000 professional illustration pencils in 2H, H, F, B, and HB. From beginning to finish about 6 hours.
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@fallendendenjr did you see this? It's awesome!
2 years ago·Reply
thanks @shannonl5 really amazing job. love to see more.
2 years ago·Reply
@fallendendenjr oh it's not mine! All the credit goes to @JonPatrickHyde ^_^
2 years ago·Reply
wow this is awesome!!!! very nice drawing @jonpatrickhyde
2 years ago·Reply
Hey everyone! I just posted the full resolution scan of this drawing! Check it out. So much more detail and this crappy cell phone picture. :D
2 years ago·Reply