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On October 24th, I attended Animate!Miami and had the BEST time! It was nearly impossible for an anime fan, comic fan, or pretty much any fan that loves cool, classic, or exciting fiction to ever get bored! People of ALL ages were there! I even saw an entire family of batman show character cosplayers! Mommy Harley Quinn, daddy joker, and three 3 or 4 year old kids dressed individually like real little monsters with makeup! AMAZING!
Sanji from One Piece + Snow White lol. I admit, I felt more confident in my lucy cosplay, especially when I had my younger sister as Virgo beside me, but I still had a lot of fun! There were suggestive body pillows, anime merchandise, figurines, bows, dresses, photo booths, anything you could POSSIBLY think to buy, no matter whether you're a Doctor Who fan, Marvel, Supernatural, and the list goes on and on!
NYNGGGGGGG These cosplayers were all nice and happy to have pictures taken of them! Some of them even acted their role or knew how to pose and it was BEAUTIFUL!

My heart melted when I saw Magic Kaito.

I ran like a munchkin through the crowd JUST to take a picture of the cosplayer! She has the perfect acting spirit that the original character has! If noone is familiar with him, he's from a classic 1980s or 90s show involving a magician thief! It's easy to watch on There were League of Legends cosplayers, beast boy and raven from Teen Titans, the Banana man (LOL) and the awesome villainish guy from the movie The Labyrinth.
So, on saturday, for the ENTIRE day, I ran about the convention of 2 floors and a mall to see everything there were to see! I watched a questionnaire meeting with Marlene from Adventure Time and Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb. Watched Adventure Time in the second floor rooms, checked up on anime films in other rooms, Watched people play boardgames and card games, like Magic The Gathering (I couldn't play D: I'm not good enough to be involved and it's pretty rare for a girl to play the game in a tournament) and marveled at videogame players and people having fun with Just Dance 2015! Loli booths, lace collars (even with bells) and furry tails, cosplay costumes, bags, keychains, necklaces, creepy crawlies in jars and jewelry, signing booths, voice actors autograph booths, AND I watched people ask questions to the voice actor of Prince Erick from The Little Mermaid. Pretty cool!


And! I got to try a cute, soft, and sweet, fish shaped cake with chocolate, called "Gaijin Taiyaki." I'm not familiar with it as much, so if anyone has any fun facts about it, don't hesitate to comment!

I watched a costume competition, a wedding reception with cosplaying theme (yes it was real), and saw an entire group of male sailor moon cosplayers. Yes, even with skirts!

Above is Marlene's voice actor lol. So! Lastly, I completely fangirled over an entire club of RWBY cosplayers role-playing for some kind of film and photo shoot outside of the convention! I squealed, I jumped up and down, I begged my boyfriend about a hundred times to ask them to pose for a picture 'cause I was too shy, but he wouldn't give in. Meanie! Lucky for me, they posed anyway for their shoot and I, being small and seemingly unimportant, slipped in beside the staff and took a picture smiling like an idiot.
I reaped the benefits. My elephant named Pyra, after the RWBY character, my sailor teddy named Henry, and a bento box! (Now I can learn real waifu material) I also have a blue fairytail necklace, pink cute humungous wallet, tiny alpaca, a Keychain of Mami from Madoka Magicka (one of my fav. animes), and more stuffed animals, 'cause who cares about self control at a convention, right?

Advice: When at a convention, buy a "grab bag."

They're full of surprises, they're 10 to 20 bucks depending on the size, and you could end up getting an expensive gift for less! Also, instead of spending 20 bucks on two things, one bag can earn about 5 or 6 really cool things! I hope you enjoyed the card!
aww, thank youuuu! :D @danidee and thank you, I work hard for waifu knowledge ;3 Success! >:3
Oh, Luci. You'll always be waifu material to me. :') Also YOUR COSPLAY IS SO ADORABLE. You make a perfect Snow White! :D