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It was 1921 in Bolivia when José Montiel passed away. He laid in his deathbed, properly groomed. As his life slipped from his body, his wife shook the room with her painful screams. He died a natural death, overwhelmed with anger that caused his body to fail. His widow envisioned a full life with him, wrinkled in age, and still together in the magic of love.
La Viudita, the widow of Montiel was burried in loneliness and spent her nights stalking the dead of the dark, completely covered in black clothing. She creepily swayed behind the shadows, watching the air fill with drunk men and scrambled inhibitions.
When the clocked ticked deeper into the night, she'd crawl from alley and riddled the streets with her darkness and charm.
She watched a man hold on to a pole in front of a pub, as the stars and moon spun quickly around him. Her movements were slow, but his head was heavy with the fast-moving earth.
La Viudita walked over to the drunk man and invites him over to her home. He stumbles to her and is fascinated by her covered beauty and blood-red lips. "Come to my home, I will take care of you."
"I cannot see your face, but your voice is beautiful." "I'll uncover my veil later. Come with me."
The man and La Viudita walked arm-in arm, through shadowed alleys that squirmed with rats and the smell of death. As they approached closer to the widow's home, the drunk man moves closer to the woman.
He wraps her in his arms, and plants a kiss on her red lips. The widow smiles and her eyes turn coal-black. "Come inside," she says. The home was small, with the smell of rotting flesh stabbing through the walls. Her dead husband's remains laid in agony on their bed. Her dead husband's eyes had been pitted by maggots, and his skin bruised -- slipping from his decaying bones. The woman had dressed the home with incense to bury his flesh.
"Show me your face," the drunk man tells La Viudita.

"As you wish," she responds and she pulls the veil from her face.

The drunk gentleman was so frightened by her hideous face, he immediately fainted. She had no eyes, hair, or face. Her skin dragged, marked in fresh bruises. Her loose teeth chopped in laughter as she saw the man lay on the ground.

The next day, the drunk man found himself laying outside in a puddle of blood and stink.

It is rumored that she has no face because she had made a deal with the devil after her husband's passing.

omg! why did I read this!? #nightmares Awesome story though.Creepy gif you got there
soooo. ... what did she do to him? who's blood is that? . . . OMG so many questions. great story telling, can't wait till tonight's story. @alywoah
Woah this is terrifying. That gif in the middle is going to give me nightmares! I can't believe I've never heard about this. I love legends and horror stories. So interesting.
wwwoooooyyyyyy!! *shivers*
Wait until you read the story I have for tonight! It's even SCARIER!!!!!!!!!! @TessStevens @TerrecaRiley
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