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Crush~ Jaehyo (he's a cutie)

Boyfriend~ B-Bomb (i have no problem with this) Secret Admirer~ Kyung (Aww) Saves You~ Kyung (are you stalking me Kyung?) First Kiss~ Jaehyo (sorry B-Bomb i couldn't help it!) Takes You On Vacation~ P.O (he thought i needed some time to think) Protector~ Kyung (so sweet you're worried about me) Jealous One~ Jaehyo (uh oh trouble) Best Friend~ Kyung (friendzoned! sorry Kyung I don't like you like that hun) Husband~ Zico (Ah Yes! He was tired of the drama and waiting for me so he took matters into his own hands! )

I'm convinced my phone loves drama with these things. Every time LOL. Married my bias I couldn't be happier!! Thanks @AimeeH I'll be waiting for the next ones whenever!
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@KellyOConnor Oh yay!! XD Haha phones are natural trolls. Haha mine trolled me too! I married my bias as well so kudos!!! Thank you for participating! I'm so happy with your results! Thank you dear! ♡