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The TRUE Meaning Behind These 10 K-Pop Group Names!!

The K-Pop industry is full of groups boasting unique names that are often acronyms for even more unique messages. Do you know the meanings behind your favourites? Here are some of the most interesting (and bizarre) meanings behind your favorite groups’ names.
2NE1: New Evolution of the 21st Century Less of an acronym and more a unique stylization of the phrase "New Evolution of the 21st Century," the girls from 2NE1 certainly deserved a name worth talking about to match their musical feats.
B1A4: Be the One, All For One Similar to 2NE1's case, B1A4's group name is also less acronym and more stylization, and a clever stylization at that.
VIXX: Value In Excelsis "In Excelsis" is actually Latin for "in the highest degree," and hence, VIXX means "value in the highest degree." We thought that was one of the most ingenious & epic acronyms that we've seen so far.
U-KISS: Ubiquitious Korean International Superstar When it comes to U-KISS's group name, we believe this was a case of name first, and the making of the accompanying expanded phrase second. How else can you explain the strange word choice?  225
TVXQ: Rising Gods of the East Many of you may wonder how TVXQ is an acronym for "Rising Gods of the East," however the meaning was actually derived from the Chinese pronunciation, written as "Tong Vfang Xien Qi."   275
TEEN TOP: Now this one's a little bit too long to exist as a title, but who would have ever guessed that "Teen Top" is actually an acronym for "Teenager Emoboy Emotion Next generation Talent Object Praise?"  256
NU’EST: New EStablished Style and Tempo As far as packing a lot of promise into a name goes, NU'EST definitely came out on top with their declaration of bringing both new "style and tempo" to the K-Pop scene.  213
BTOB: Born TO Beat We couldn't help but feel as if BTOB's group name required one extra word to complete the phrase. "Born to beat" what exactly? 
BEAST: Boys of EAst Standing Tall Not only does BEAST's name have a second stylization as B2ST (based on the Korean pronunciation for the number 2), the expanded message also hints at K-Pop's future world domination.
MBLAQ: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality MBLAQ's expanded title has left us slightly unsatisfied. While everything is grammatically correct, there's just something a little off about the word choice.  Credits tooo..koreaboo
B1A4 is there blood types. Four have A blood type and 1 has B (ironically it is Baro who is the B blood type)
I've actually heard Boy TO Boy as another possible explanation of BTOB's acronym
This only makes me love teen top more ohmygod 😂
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