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[Welcome Card] Hello Sports Fans!

Hello and welcome sports fans!

I'm Michael (or Mike, whatever floats your boat) and I'm the Sports community moderator! It's been almost a month since I've been a moderator and special thanks to every active members in the sports community, you know who you are.
In celebration of the beginning of the 2015/16 NBA season, here are some of my favorite plays from last season!

The Volleyball Spike by K. J. McDaniels

Between the Legs Alley-oop by J. R. Smith

The No Looker Booker from Trevor Booker

I am also always willing to talk sports with you guys, so hit me up any time!

I also want to welcome you guys once more and I also want to learn more about you guys!'d be great if you guys could tell me your favorite sports and teams in the comments section below!

And then I will decide whether we can become friends or not!
But not really.


I felt so popular then relized it twas but a hoax... sorry I'm down already. Ga lost to Florida and now the falcons give away 4 turnovers to the BUCCS... of all teams.
You're welcome! 😆 Rugby and volleyball are two of my favorite sports. My favorite teams are the All Blacks and UH Rainbow Wahine. 😊
Manchester United
@TheSubtweetKing @TrayeBennett Nice! Welcome to Vingle!
The Ohio State Buckeyes, The Cleveland Cavilers, The Cincinnati Reds, and The Philadelphia Eagles
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