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I have been wanting to talk to more people, and hopefully this will get me out of my comfort zone. Perhaps I should write a list of the manga I read, or the characters I like? I'll give it some thought.
@levimcf @KilljoyExorcist @VinMcCarthy @Ercurrent Thank you for taking interest 😊, I just finished a list of some manga I have finished and hopefully soon posting a list of manga I am currently reading.
@GODsGU4RD Nah lol I don't because, according to my sister, I have a resting bitch face and an ominous aura that screams "if you come close I'll kill you". I find this completely cool since I only have 4 friends and that's all I really need. Quality>Quantity
hey am still pretty new to this app but i already starting to like it and SeintoSeiya like the fairy tail reference
No need to be shy, we are all nakama here, message me anytime
amen to that 🙌 lol. well i for one am glad to have met you, well sorta hahah
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