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Why does corporate America always want to turn something joyous into a career? Something you may partake in simply for the fact that you like to do that particular thing or that it makes you feel good. Why does every instance of this life have to be embellished with the idea of making money or my personal favorite "Lots of money." When I here that phrase I instantly get "Lots of wicked chills." There's nothing wrong with making cash, considering that's what is necessary today to be able to provide for you and your loved ones but the social conditioning would have you believe that more money leads to fulfillment or "happiness" that is unattainable without. That is just ridiculous to me, I know a few of you know some miserably rich fucks and some poor content bastards out in the world I know a few myself. My main issue I suppose is... why is cash seemingly the motivating factor behind every move we make? How is it that we can cherish pieces of paper more than we value our own well being? I'd say we've been duped, tricked into believing in the "power" of cash and materialism. Taught to devalue our spiritual selves and not recognize ourselves as the light beings that we are. Subjecting ourselves to heavy and sometimes thankless workloads all in the pursuit of a few dollars that our minds so desperately depend on. Which in turn leaves little to no time to partake in activities that you like or time with your loved ones. Time: yet another constraint our minds desperately cling to, but I'm going off on a tangent here with my woes ha-ha. I think about this stuff every day, the lies that have been instilled in not only my head but millions of others, the deception of it all just consumes my thoughts. I stay sane by keeping in mind that it's all apart of the plan to keep us light beings living this fear based lifestyle of worrying where our next meal will come from or how we'll pay our next bill and whether it's genetically modified or our energy consumption will destroy our planet and send us into oblivion. Me keeping myself aware of this helps me, it encourages me to focus on the positivity in our lives because it is there. I just have to learn to pay more attention, which doesn't cost one dollar Peace, Love & Oneness to all you beautiful people out there ✌
It's hard to figure out how to balance that whole "art" and "commerce" thing...figuring out what balance we can strike between our passions and what is necessary to survive. I really appreciated these thoughts though, really well written.
Thank you @TessStevens I do appreciate your feed back.