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Yes! You've finally made it!

Welcome to the Vingle Kpop family!

We might seem a little crazy but we're just your average kpop fans :D

And kpop fans aren't really crazy.....RIGHT?!

Kpop is boring alone so we love love loooove new faces to share our fanboy/fangirl moments with!

Tell us your favorite groups below so that we can get to know you and make our family that much bigger :D

Welcome again!!!
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Thank you! Some of my favorite kpop groups are B1A4, TeenTop, Super Junior, VIXX, BigBang, BTS, Infinite, Boyfriend, BtoB, Got7, B.A.P, and the lists goes on...
2 years ago·Reply
May have a week or two in here but my fav group is Big Bang but I also like Monsta X, FT Island, CN Blue, Beast, Super Junior, Sistar, Miss A, Zion T, Epik High, IU, 2PM just to name a few 😆
2 years ago·Reply
Ahhhh! Yay, thank you!! 🤗 I just recently gotten really into kpop but I love Exo, Big Bang, Got7, SNSD, Super Junior, BTS and am working my way around X) I must know everyone :3 who are your favorites??
2 years ago·Reply
I'm super new to the whole K-Pop craze... And so far I absolutely LOVE it♪(´ε` ) My favorite group so are is EXO 💕💕
2 years ago·Reply
I've had Vingle for a while now but I haven't really explored around!! Thank you for the welcome! And my favorite groups are BTS, Vixx, seventeen, got7, teen top, Big Bang, EXO, b1a4, & Astro(patiently waiting for their debut ^_^) & much more! Can't wait to be part of this family! <3
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