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They can be the way you meet your future husband, or a total disaster waiting to happen.

That's right, I'm talking about blind dates. I've been on great ones; I've been on horrible ones. It all depends on who you're meeting. But that's the problem, right? The whole point is that they're blind – you have no idea what you're in for. And that could be either a great thing or a horrible thing.
Like, it could be with this guy (who happens to bring along his adorable kitten):
Or it could be with this guy, who fell asleep in the sun while wearing a hat:
Also, he happens to look like a murderer. Great.
And the thing is, you have no idea which it's going to be!! Like, physical stuff aside (because that's all kind of dumb anyway), it could be someone super nice and interesting and fun, or someone who's boring and conceited and self-centered.
A date is a sizeable chunk of time. I mean, you have to spend like an hour or two with this person, maybe more.

What do you guys think? Would you ever go on a blind date?

If you've been on one before, how was it? Would you recommend to others?

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Excellent point @petname83 Blind dates make some real awesome stories. I’ve never actually been on one though! have you? got a story to share? ;)
worst one ever was a blind double date with my friend. the guy showed up drunk, smelled like he hadn't showered in weeks, and spent the majority of the time trying to touch me. God it was awful, but I couldn't bail out asap cuz my friend was super into the other guy. after three hours of dodging the inebriated octopus, I finally made my escape...I said I had to get up early to walk the dog. not the best excuse in the world but I was desperate. what was creepy, the guy started driving around my block two or three times each night, and would come to my work. I had to have security walk me to my car. worst experience ever.
I did have a really good one though too, with the brother of a friend. one of my favorite ex-boyfriends. he was super sweet and we had a lot of fun. I ended up dating him for quite a while. he was really good to me
ohhh no. inebriated octopus man sounds like a nightmare! haha that’s probably how blind dates go wrong... but we learned from your experience. so that’s good. @petname83 aww that’s good you had a nice one though to balance things out and so you aren’t cynical of the blind date process. what happened with the nice man?
we just had different life goals, and our perspectives on the future were just too different. C'est la vie. some good memories though