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Red. Because it reminds of the pain that I don't desire. It reminds of strength, the blood that runs through you when in battle. This color yells of indecision, Passion, love, Romance? Pain, hate, War? Black. Because it hides those joyful colors that mean nothing to me. It reminds of how everything started, from nothing. This color yells confusion, Evil, Dangerous, Empty? Bold, daring, Pride? What's your favorite color?
Deep blue reminds of the ocean! Mysterious and never ending!
everybody is getting so deep and passionate about why their favorite color is their favorite color and I'm just over here like it's blue I don't know why but its just blue I don't have a reason why my color is blue
@CourtneyDoose °0° YOU'RE WELCOME
I like grey, donno why but Im just attracted to the color... I also like deep blue because when I look at the color I feel really relaxed like I was nothing from the first time :D
Purple just because.....and then I love black too but more of because it's a mystery. The color can be anything, or if you want to go another way black can be hiding anything :3
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