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Your Favorite color?
Red. Because it reminds of the pain that I don't desire. It reminds of strength, the blood that runs through you when in battle. This color yells of indecision, Passion, love, Romance? Pain, hate, War? Black. Because it hides those joyful colors that mean nothing to me. It reminds of how everything started, from nothing. This color yells confusion, Evil, Dangerous, Empty? Bold, daring, Pride? What's your favorite color?
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Blue, it remind me of past memories, good and bad, that i can reflect off of. it also reminds me that it's ok to be sad at times, and it's just overall refreshing. Then there is red, i feel like it tells me to be passionate about what i choose to do, and it's vibrancy reminds me to be positive
@CourtneyDoose Blue; Memories, reflection, and refreshment. Very common ^-^ Blue reminds me of overall the undiscovered. Red; Passion, Positivity. Also quiet common, as I mentioned in my card I love the color red.
@JocelynPacheco yeah, and this is actually the first time i thought deeply of why they were my favorite, so now i like them even more :)