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@AimeeH came out with another game Crush: Ukwon Boyfriend: B-Bomb Secret Admirer: Ukwon Saves Me: P.O First Kiss: Kyung Takes Me On Vacation: Ukwon Protector: Kyung Jealous One: Kyung Best Friend: Zico Husband: Zico
"Who are they from?!" He was shouting again, tossing the bouquet of flowers at me. "I don't know. B stop yelling, what the hell is wrong with you? They're just flowers." I moved from the couch, pink flowers covering the floor. The argument escalated when I tried picking the flowers up. He jerked my arm, causing me to drop them, and stomped on them. Accusing me of cheating and then rubbing the secret in his face with tots of affection from the other man. "Leave me alone MinHyuk!" He'd followed me out into the street, grabbing at my arm to stop me. "Two freaking years and I've never done anything but love you and yet you accuse me of cheating because someone sent me flowers? I'm done MinHyuk." "Emmy please. Please just wait." B-bomb was half jogging behind me, pulling at my arm or shoulder. "Stop!" I flung his hand away, stopping in the street "For months you've been finding anything you could to fight about, anything I did." "It's not-" "Enough, MinHyuk, just enough. I'll-I'll come get my things this week." Tears prickled my eyes, threatening to fall. - It was a half hour after the fight and I was sitting on some curbside. I didn't know where I was, not that I cared to much at this point. Two years with B-bomb down the drain and over stupid flowers. I huffed, the cold October air causing my breathe to form a white cloud. Digging through my pocket, I found my phone and dialed up my best friend. After it went to voice mail for the third time, I gave up and decided to just walk the city. What better way to clear your head? Cars sped by and I passed lines of people waiting outside clubs. Zico sent a text finally, explaining he was at work. When I sent bacj what happened he called. 'What do you mean you broke up?' The first thing he said when I picked up. "We've been fighting for months Zico. Its just-I couldn't take it anymore." Taking a seat on the curb again, I shifted the phone to my other ear. 'Where are you?' I switched over my gps and sent him a screenshot of my location 'P.O, could you go pick her up?' "What? Don't worry about it, I'll just go get a hotel tonight." 'You aren't to far away from the studio. He'll be there in a few and don't worry about it, I'll take you to look for apartments tomorrow.' "Okay," I smiled down at my feet ",I'll see you soon then. Bye." Quickly hanging up, I looked down the street for the familiar car. Fifteen minutes went by and no car, my hands were like ice in my lap. "Hey pretty lady." The voice made me jump up, turning to the two men standing there. "Can I help you?" My feet were on the edge of the curb, there was no where to go unless I ran into a traffic. "You've been here a while, what say you to coming back to my place to warm up?" The man speaking to a step closer while the other snickered a few feet behind him. "Emmy! There you baby girl." P.O ran up the street, flinging an arm over my shoulder "Sorry I'm late, I got a little lost." He grinned, his red hair bouncing when he switched feet to look at the two men. "You're interrupting us here." The man spoke up, sneering at P.O "I'm sorry Emmy, was I interrupting something?" I shook my head, pulling against him "Well how about we get going then? We've got hot chocolate waiting." We were a good bit down the street before I punched his shoulder. "Way to time that." "I really did get lost." He rubbed his shoulder, laughing. "And 'babygirl'?" "I had to seem like your boyfriend." I rolled my eyes at that. "I don't have one of those anymore." Huffing and shoving my hands into my pockets, I sulked a little. "Hyung told me. What happened?" "Tell you over hot chocolate."
"Oh my geezus, I needed this." I floated in the shallow waters of Jeju island. Enjoying the relaxing waves and bright sun. "Work that bad?" Ukwon was standing a few feet away in the deeper waters. The waves lapped at his thighs. "You have no idea. It's been nearly a year since I became single again and the guys at work are just finding out, its like a pack of wild horny dogs." My comment caused Ukwon to snort out a laugh. "You did not just say that." "I did and its true." I stood up, the water reaching my calves and walked over to him "Thank you for this little weekend vacation." "We go back tomorrow you know." He was looking through the photos we'd taken the day before. "I know but it was nice. Should you really have that out here? You could drop it." One short weekend with the guy you were crushing on just wasn't enough. "That's what the strap is for. Now go, I want to get some shots of you in the water." - "Truth or dare?" It was warm, the evening air caught by the breeze. "Mmm, truth." I rolled my drink around in its glass before passing a glance at Ukwon. "Who was your first kiss?" He watched me, waiting for a reply with a smile. "Kyung." I answered without skipping a beat. "Kyung? Is that why he's so overprotective of you?" Ukwon took a sip of his drink, sitting up in his chair. "He kissed me in middle school because he lost a bet. After he found me crying about having my first kiss stolen by a jerk, he vowed to make sure some jerk never hurt me again." I laughed at the memory of Kyung making that ridiculous vow all those years ago. "That's why he threatened me before we left." Ukwon mumbled it but I heard him well enough to nearly spit my drink out. "He threatened you?" Sitting up in my lounge chair, I set my drink on the small table between us. "Kyung told me if I messed up this time then he'd kill me, that and he was jealous of me taking you away for the weekend." I watched as Ukwon stood and headed for the beach, turning back to see if I followed. "What do you mean this time?" Standing next to him on the beach, the breeze caught up my hair. "I was the one sending you flowers back then, I messed up and caused you to break up with your boyfriend. Kyung almost killed me then." His statement had me staring wide eyed for a second. "No, it wasn't your fault. We were fighting, the flowers just drove it over the edge." I wrapped my arm around his, hugging up to him. "I'm still sorry." Ukwon rested his head on mine, moving his arm to wrap around my shoulders. We watched the waves moving in the moonlight and the breeze taking away any of the cold.
"Daddy!" "Shit. No son don't-"To late, the little two year old busted the door open on the studio "There's my little man." My husband didn't sound angry, laughing when the little biy squealed with delight. "Sorry, I tried to keep him outside until you finished up." I walked into the room, sitting down on the couch and watching my two favorite boys. "It's fine. I was wondering when you were going to get here, I missed you two." He sent me a smile, bringing his attention back to the wiggling toddler. "Zico, we've-" The door to the studio was flung open again "Oh, sorry I didn't know you had company." It was B-bomb, shifting from one foot tk the other when he realized it was us. "What's up?" Zico moved our son around, getting him situated in his lap. "I can come back, it's not-" "Go ahead MinHyuk. We'll go grab some dinner and be back." I stood up, reaching out for my toddler. "Sound good?" "Careful. You shouldn't be carrying him Em." Zico pat at my swollen stomach "What if you hurt my little girl?" "She's fine, I'm fine." I pulled our son up onto my hip "You guys discuss business and we'll bring you some food." With that I turned and left the room. B-bomb was tensed up as I walked by, staring at the floor or wall. Things with him were still awkward but with him acting like that, I doubt anything would ever change.
So I didn't end up with P.O He only saved me which is disappointing T^T But how was that?
@Emealia Omg! Yay! I love it!! Thank you!! You never fail on story time!! ^●^
@AimeeH My phone trolled me, I only got saved by P.O baby T^T But I'm glad you liked it :D
@Emealia Awe i am sorry it trolled you! I really do!! :D Thank you for participating ma'am!