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The disgusting and depraved behavior of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogel created a stir this month as he was found guilty of having sex with minors and possession child pornography.
The shocking and crude allegations came to light after his house was raided last month.
According to the legal charges, Fogel engaged in, "Internet social networking and traveled for the purpose of engaging in commercial sexual activity" between 2007 to February of 2015. He apparently used business trips as cause for sexual misconduct and activities with girls and boys ranging from age 14 to age 18.
The charges dictate that he slept with at least one of his 14 victims, and all of them will receive a settlement of 1.4 million dollars out of court.
Subway, no doubt has been inadvertently sponsoring pedophilc vacations for Jared, who traveled and found underage victims in various states across our great nation.
Subway Jared, as he was formerly known, has been an icon in the United States for over two decades. His fame and fortune came because he claimed he lost weight eating only Subway sandwiches. Lord knows we all get chips, soda a cookie and extra mayo on our subs...leaving us at a loss as far as the skinny thing. But...that's irrelevant now.
Fogel is up for 5 to 20 years in prison...but prosecutors agreed not to ask for more than 12 years. Pretty lenient considering the depraved nature of his crimes.
The man is a pedophile. Despite being in the public eye for funny weight loss commercials and Subway sandwich advertisements. He is not a hero or someone to look up to. He probably never was.

I don't want someone like him selling me sandwiches. In fact, I don't want someone like him selling me anything.

Here's to hoping justice is served, and those victims can build a life from their settlement. See ya later Jared. I guess it's not Subway's fault...and they make a damn good sandwich. But one has to did this go on for so long undetected?
So basically he will serve less than a year per victim. Nooo, there nothing wrong with that AT ALL. 馃檮
yeah, it's nothing as far as what he deserves. You're right @nicolejb
Right, I wonder how thorough of a background check he underwent while being hired. That brings up a huge point.
The media has a tendency to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary..subway look before you jump next time
So he has to give that much money, but I鈥檓 sure that is NOTHING compared to what he deserves. I鈥檓 upset about it too @ButterflyBlu :(
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