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So I just posted a welcome card and I noticed a TON of you are BTS fans (which is good cause Vingle is FILLED with ARMY) soooooo...

Let's get to know each other!

Who is your bias!?

Mine is Suga (but who can really pick a BTS bias?! Impossible!)

What's your current favorite song!?

Mine is I Need U cause that's what I'm listening to right now LOL

Did anyone go to the US shows they had?!

I couldn't go, but I waved at the line waiting for them in NYC *cries in a corner*

Leave your answers in the comments~

Older Vingle ARMY peeps please help me in welcoming our awesome new members, you guys rule!!! :D
Welcome to the end of your social life lol
MY BIAS, Rap Monster! But it is true, how can you possibly just choose one of these babes?! Gotta love them all! My current favorite song is, Just One Day! And no, sadly I couldn't go to any of their US shows, gosh they were really close by! But that's okay. And to all the old or new ARMY, WELCOME! 😁❤️
My bias is the one and only Kim Taehyung! My favorite song is Let Me Know. And I went to TRB DALLAS this summer ❤️ I'm glad there is a way to communicate with other ARMY through Vingle 😁
My ultimate bias is Jungkook❤️. My favorite song is I need u and dope. I haven't been to any US shows yet. I was close to going to one but the tickets sold out 💔
Welcome New ARMY Vinglers!!! My bias is Suga , my favorite song as of right now is Cypher pt. 2 , and I have not gone to any concerts or events :(
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