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Lets take some time to introduce myself ... I am @Beastboy93 ... and i like making friends .. of every kind .. I am Mexican .. love gaming and Anime ... Can talk and talk and talk and etc.... lol I wanna meet those people that have noticed and tapped into their insanity and is able to release that little monster out from time to time ... So ... without further ado (i think thats how its said xD) ... LETS PRESENT OURSELVES! !!!!
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don't feel bad man. people have short attention spans hard to catch them. You'll draw people though just takes time. I like the way you lead up to "let's present ourselves!" very anime lol
most people read and never comment lol I'm your first comment
Haha thanks yall glad you found that humorous I thought so too. we have all heard the old cliche, mine is better lol.
having a needle find a needle in a stack of needles. that is way too funny. and messed up at the same time. but you are right. @samurxai
@samurxai that's a pretty apt analogy right there. I've also found that tagging a few people helps, and it also helps to comment on other people's stuff too, that way they get to know you, and you them, etc. it's a process, lol, but not a terribly difficult one.
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