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Hey all! I noticed a huge amount of FT love in the welcome cards, so I thought it would be good to bring everyone into another card to bask in the love of the anime!

So let's get to know one another better and talk about our one of our favorite animes!

Do you like it for it's sometimes kawaii stuff?

Or for its over-the-top intense action sequences?

Or maybe the fanservice?

Why do you love fairy tail? Who do you like best? So many things to talk about!

gildarts? you mean shanks? haha that's why you don't see him he is out being a pirate in one piece Haha
Intense action scenes, no doubt. Also how they pull at your heart stings.
fairy tail 4 life
The action in fairy tail is just awesome with a great story line and an amazing art style. My favorite character is Natsu,he's so adorable an is always full of energy an drive to keep going馃憤
@VinMcCarthy @tousenkaname Gildarts is like Laxus and Jellal. They are bad ass and you want to see them but you rarely do (specially Gildarts)
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