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I have loved every single Red Velvet song so far and need people to geek out with about them!

Leave your favorite Red Velvet MV in the comments and let's find out the Vingle favorite!

1. Happiness

This song makes me so happy even though the music video is SO trippy.

2. Be Natural

This was a total turn-around from Happiness and shows us that Red Velvet can do more than typical pop! Sadly though, this is my least favorite video :/

3. Ice Cream Cake

I CANT EVEN TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS MUSIC VIDEO. Wendy is my bias in RV and she is absolutely stunning in the video. I can't get over it! Plus this dance is amazing. The only negative about this is that it is sort of a Baskin Robbins commercial lol.

4. Dumb Dumb

So for me its a tie between this MV and Ice Cream Cake for favorite video. The dance, the styling, the total insanity -- I love it!
Ice Cream Cake started out creepy as hell XD But I think my favorite was Dumb Dumb
I honestly just love all their MVs
#kangseulgi !! dumb dumb is so addicting, you hear it once and it gets stuck in your head the rest of the day .. but that chair dance from be natural though 😧
I'm a huge fan of Red Velvet. They're one of my top girl groups. My favorite video would have to be Ice Cream Cake
I love automatic but dumb dumb is my jam
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