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New Vingle K-Drama Family Members :D

Welcome to Vingle K-Drama all you beautiful people!

This is where we can openly freak out about Korean Dramas with nooo judgement from others - it's all fun here!

Share your favorite dramas in the comments below so we can get down to some serious fanboy and girl business!

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@KassieXiong you should try Pinocchio, she was pretty, sassy go go and there's a lot more 馃構
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@sarahdarwish I already seen Pinocchio.I loved it,If you have any other Korean drama please tell me..I have no drama to watch right now even though I have school and thank you for telling me.
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I'm watching oh my Venus and it's romantic comedy, the village-psychological horror, I hear your voice, playful kiss- commonly watched though :). Boys over flowers, and coffee prince and the Big Bang parody is amazing 馃構. And if you ever run out I'll be thinking of more because I'm still looking for some too even though it's finals week. 馃槼馃槉 @KassieXiong
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@sarahdarwish thank you very much .馃槉
a year agoReply
No prob 馃 @KassieXiong
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