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His hotline isn't the only thing blingin'.

It's pretty obvious that Drake has totally glowed up on us from his days of playing Jimmy on the hit television series Degrassi. It's safe to say that Drizzy happens to be one of the hottest men in the industry at the moment and he's getting all the recognition he deserves, especially from designer Tom Ford. Back in 2013, Drake shouted out the designer in his hit Tuscan Leather and two years later Mr. Ford himself is creating a lipstick named after everyone's favorite salsa dancer -- oops, I mean rapper.
Tom Ford's second Lips & Boys release is set for Black Friday and if you ever wanted Drake on your lips, now is your chance. This gorgeous burgundy shade is not only season appropriate, but it's an investment. I mean seriously, a Tom Ford lipstick named after the hottest rapper in the game? I'm all for it and you should be too. Get your wallets ready because you have exactly one month to hop online and claim what's yours.

Ladies, will you be letting Drake add some life to your lips?

Oooo I like this shade! I'd give it a try ;D it's actually a really cool marketing idea for lipstick :)
Are there going to be other stars???
sorry, I thought I had added the price in there. but yeah all Tom Ford lippies are usually in the 30s @amobigbang
I wonder how much is it....
yeah, I wasn't going to pass this information up. I had to share & I think it is definitely worth the money @amobigbang
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