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So today I found out that four new members (@AshToast23! @JonathantheAwes! @verolovesanime! @yaakattackk!) all love watching 'Rick & Morty' on Adult Swim, and to be honest, my sister hasn't stopped talking about it for the past month or so, SO I finally, finally watched the first episode, and........

I LOVE IT!!! (And I'm probably going to be binge-watching this for the rest of the day.)

I kind of love that Morty and Rick interact like some sort of demented Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

And my favorite character thus far is probably Morty's mom, the open heart surgeon.. for horses.

The third season is still super far away, so I'm going to TRY to pace myself, BUT... I wanted to give us a place to obsess over the show together!

So who's your favorite character? What's your favorite line? I'm not going to regret finishing two seasons of this in a day or two, am I?

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yes it's funny
I love this show! my friend introduced it to me and I have been keeping up with all the episodes. i even bought it off of Amazon Prime XP my favorite episode is where summer is working for the devil at the antique store XD
I know it's typical but Rick is my favorite. I understand him.
@addri I love Amazon Prime for that reason. I just bought Guardians of the Galaxy off of it. <3
@Shilolobun No, no, your love of Rick is completely validated.