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LUBBOCK Y U DO THIS TO ME?!?! Lubbock is a character from the anime Akame Ga Kill. He started of an odd character, showing a perverted side. He seemed attracted to Leone, as he would spy on her hoping to see something, but he grew into a character we loved, mostly for his quirkyness, and that made his death even more tragic on episode 20 of the anime.
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I can't figure out who I liked the most of the Night Raid. I have to say, imo, I was dissapointed about Tatsumi's imperial arms. I wanted him to get a different one.
2 years ago·Reply
My favorite of night raid was Mine
2 years ago·Reply
I liked all of them
2 years ago·Reply
I got so emotional everytime one of them died. xD
2 years ago·Reply
I liked him cause he can always find ways to make people laugh but my favorite is Leone
2 years ago·Reply