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On the heels of more and more horrific events across the globe, China announced that it would attempt to ban the ivory trade from its economic dealings.

China's president Xi Jinping announced that he would attempt to curb the appetite of global poachers by banning the ivory trade in China. In conjunction with the United States, China will be one of the first countries to take a stand against the abusive and reductive trade of milling ivory for jewelery, home decor and other useless garbage.
Pressure from officials in Hong Kong led the president to come to this decision, citing the horrific events in Africa as a major motivator for change.
The Washington Post reports that Catherine Novelli, the U.S. undersecretary for economic growth, energy and the environment said, "This commitment goes all the way up to President Xi. They have made it clear that this is what they want to do."
China and the United States have been in talks to undergo, "nearly complete" bans on Ivory trading internationally since September, but only recently has china made it expressly clear.
Several conservationists have said that this ban would inflict major damage on the poachers that have destroyed Africa's elephant population.
Recent events such as the poisoning of dozens of elephants on the reservation where Cecil the Lion was famously slain this year, has driven China (one of the worlds biggest ivory consumers) to ban the trade.

This decision will have a huge global impact, stopping trade routes through much of Asia, where Ivory seems to be the most popular.

According to a statement put out by the Humane Society of the United States, this is the first time that the presidents of The United States and China have made a serious commitment to protecting wildlife.
After the numerous horrific events of this year, it's about time.
Ivory is widely traded as a means to an end for many poachers and black market sellers. Its beauty has been coveted for centuries. But it's time to move on. Those animals need their tusks far more than you need a keepsake from a far off land. Too many animals are dying for decorations. It needs to stop.
It should be internationally illegal, after all, you're taking the livelihood of an animal and putting it on display in your home. Just buy a recreation, or a fake relic.
Nobody cares.
Although no details have surfaced regarding the dates, times and terms of this deal, it seems to be a step in the right direction. As the safety of these endangered animals is at risk, and has been for decades.

The cruel and unusual act of ivory trading could become extinct in our lifetime.

Did you know Yao Ming was a supporter of banning ivory trade and went to visit one of the elephant refuge. @mchlyang
better late than never
@ChriSingularis that's a really cool fact. I never knew that.
This is awesome, but also really sad news. I can honestly say I never really knew it was still a thing that was legal. Glad to hear there was a change though! poor elephants :(
@ChriSingularis I actually heard about that a few months ago. He's def one of the most influential figures in China so I'm guessing that helped a lot!
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