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I never thought I would ever get tatted cause of how people say they are painful,but I found EXO and each symbol had a meaning Unicorn-Healing cause some stuff went down and I had to heal Phoenix-Rebirth Had to rebuild myself to make it to the next day Scorpion- lightning cause now I'm ready to shock the world.
I'm glad I found this group they helped me through many tough times
my next tattoo at the beginning of the year
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@LunaCordero that's so cool though, all I do is stare into space when I have time for myself lol
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@KpopGaby oh I do that to alot with Kpop blaring in my ears
2 years ago·Reply
Haha @LunaCordero inspiration maybe?
2 years ago·Reply
nah it keeps me sane @KpopGaby lol
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