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You can still be stylish on those rainy days.

The rain can take our mood from good to bad if we aren't dressed for the weather. Nobody likes getting wet, especially when it can be prevented. When you have a pair of fashionable rain boots, you actually look forward to those days when it pours down just so you can show off your shoes. There are several options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a pair of rain boots, but choosing a pair created by one of your favorite designers will make the shopping process all the more exciting.
It's not everyday that you get to splurge on designer items, but when it happens to be something you'll get good use out of -- why not? No matter where you live, it's going to rain and believe it or not -- rain boots can be worn in the snow as well. Talk about getting your money's worth. From Burberry to Valentino, there's a rain boot to compliment your style while combatting the torrential downpours you may face. To see what options are on the market, keep scrolling and get yourself a pair before your feet get soaked.

The Valentino Women's Rockstud Rain Boots

The Prada Rubber Rain Boot

The Hunter 'Cathie' Boot For Women

The Burberry Women's Clemence Canvas Mid-Calf Rain Boots

Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Jelly Rubber Biker Rain Boots

Ladies, would you break the bank on a pair of rain boots?