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This challenge is lead by @amobigbang (Disclosure : the auto correct on my phone has a mind of it's own. So my paragraphs or sentences might make no sense at times lol)
Apocalypse. He would be the leader of my evil crew. I feel he is a good, take charge kind of guy. The only problem is when you are usually dealing with villains, they are never on the same page and they love to double cross lol.
Gladiator from the Shi'ra empire. He is strong and dominant. He is strong, can cause super novas and could fly. Who does not like a guy who can fly lol.
Thanos : He rules and controls... Has no mercy for anyone. But, he has a heart that does belong to Death. So he does have a soft spot for her.
Dark Phoenix : She has all the powers of Jean Grey plus resurrection and fire. She would be great on any squad, just don't piss her off. She is extremely vile when she is in this form. She shows no guilt or remorse. If she actually felt like it, she can just turn off everyone's lights off.
Death Bird of the Shi'ra empire : She has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, flexibility, reflexes, coordination, balance, and endurance. Also she can fly and have wings. She is considered old to most of the Shi'ra empire because she actually has wings. As time went on most of her people where born without wings.
Emma Frost : has power that can match Jean Grey and Professor X but she can turn into diamond form that can stop anything from hurting her but she losses all her other abilities as long as she is in that form. She is very conniving and smart which makes her lethal. A wonderful addition to any villain's team.
I have my villains together on my card but in reality we know these evil doers would fight among themselves to be the alpha and it would be totally fun to watch from the sidelines.
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@dariusjones I'm usually a apocalypse and thanos girl. So those two are always somewhere when it comes to evil lol.
@LAVONYORK that's so tue
there are alot of alphas in this group! I love it though!
Alpha rule the globe and cosmos lol they just can't get along @amobigbang lol, well maybe Emma Frost would try!