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Monsta X: Hero Pause Button Game
I'm back with another pause button game! This time I did Monsta X Hero I didn't watch it beforehand so I actually have to go back and rewatch it so I can enjoy the song XD
I got one blonde being judgy and the other making super derp faces in this whole thing so enjoy!
Derp right off the get go
Ballerina squad: activate
The closeups are not doing you guys justice
Gotta derp from a distance sometimes
The faces just don't stop with MinHyuk or ShowNu
Ballerina squad is back!
Looks like MinHyuk missed the move
He looks like just got caught doing something bad and MinHyuk is in the background snickering
Got a little soul
Creeper status activate
He just keeps the faces coming
HyungWon keeping up those judgy looks
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