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Gyuri and Thunder‘s upcoming drama ‘Nail Salon Paris‘ finally lifted a bit of its mystery veil with the release of BTS cuts! The drama has been talked about since January, but it had been keeping relatively hush hush, not giving much away. They have finally released two photos showing the four main characters hanging out together enjoying beer and chicken on the set of the show. As previously reported, Gyuri will be playing Hong Yuh Joo, an internet fiction writer who disguises herself as a man while working for the trendy nail salon ‘Paris’. She’ll be working with Song Jae Rim, Jun Ji Hoo, and of course, MBLAQ‘s Thunder. So far there’s not much information on what role the other three characters will be playing, but as this drama is said to be about four male nail artists working at the salon, it is assumed that the three men mentioned will be playing them as well. The drama will start airing in April!