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Okay let me start off by saying I really love Red Velvet.

This isn't me being biased though - this is not cool AT ALL to say about ANY person, ever.
Basically, they posted an article titled:

"Fans are amazed at the visual gap of Joy depending on her weight"

Followed by a slideshow of pictures where Joy allegedly looks "fat" versus when she looks "skinny"
To be fair, this is just a translation of an article written by a fan on a forum in Korean but SERIOUSLY KOREABOO?! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TRANSLATE?!

Is this something you think people need to know in English too?

Do you think Joy wants the whole world talking about her weight!?

They showed pictures of her at "different weights" calling her "out of control" at one point.

Koreaboo, this girl is 19.

She already has a ton of pressure on her without this kind of stuff constantly being brought up.
And I'm certainly not Joy's size, so what does that mean for me if I'm not even Joy's size when she's the size you call "fat"
Am I that massive? How is that supposed to make me feel!?

We love you Joy!!!

What do you think: What's the issue with Koreaboo translating things like this. Does it make the situation worse or does it not matter?
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Personally I'm not a Red Velvet fan, but when I saw this article on fb I was livid. It was uncalled for and unnecessary on all levels. Koreaboo could have left that shitty as article untranslated and in the "fan" forum where it belonged.
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first of all i hate when idols say ohhh im to chubby or fat i got to lose weight when i know im fater than them its like bruh but then i understand because then the company gets after them but why do companies have to do that i mean a little chubbiness wouldn't hurt or when fan start telling idols the meanest things calling them the meanest names and just saying to get out of the band cause they ruin the image or to die just cause they're "chubby" or "fat" its like gurrlll have you seeeen your self in the mirror yeah thats what i thought now shut your faceue and dont say anything if you got nothing to say....i prefer idols "fat" or "chubby" then seeing them in "the right size" or "skinny" when i know they are like that beacuse they either dong get fed or they stop eating because of the company's complaint or so called "fans" hateful comments plus i dont know if im the only one but i find really squish cheeks attractive (i really miss jimin's cheeks) i dont know i just feel that it wrong for people to start judging just cause the other is "chubby" or "fat....evey idol goes through this at one point and they get to the point of depression and no one wants that no one wants our idol to get hurt in anyway this is when us kpoper have to be very and i say VERY supportive....yeah we are very supportive already but even more than we are beacuse that when are idol need the most support they can get EVERY IDOL WHO HAS EVER GOT CALLED CHUBBY OR FAT OUT THERE IT WILL GET BETTER NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER BELIEVE WHAT THOUGH MEAN COMMENT TELL YOU YOUR BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE NEVER CHANGE THAT!!! <3 :[] FIGHTING!!!!!
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They shouldn't have translated something like that. Like @LiNaHyun said NO idols are fat. And honestly some idols need to put weigh on but because crap like this gets posted, idols think they need to do extreme diets. And if she's considered fat then what the hell am I? A damn planet?
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This is something that should not have been translated because it's just ruthless hate. Even if she was fat, which she is far from it, I don't see what being demeaning and hateful on the Internet would do. It also just body shames everyone, like if you call her fat then it snowballs into someone reading that, seeing they are bigger, and hating their bodies for no reason. Ugh people...
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I'm glad that Joy has found some sort of way to ignore everything and just be who she is, I have yet to hear or see her falter .. let's just admit it, she's great and gorgeous .. of course the kpop image out there is usually slender and slim, but she's not even "chubby" or "fat" .. them thighs catch my eyes and it's okay .. do you boo boo, do you #redvelvetjoy
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