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Okay let me start off by saying I really love Red Velvet.

This isn't me being biased though - this is not cool AT ALL to say about ANY person, ever.
Basically, they posted an article titled:

"Fans are amazed at the visual gap of Joy depending on her weight"

Followed by a slideshow of pictures where Joy allegedly looks "fat" versus when she looks "skinny"
To be fair, this is just a translation of an article written by a fan on a forum in Korean but SERIOUSLY KOREABOO?! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TRANSLATE?!

Is this something you think people need to know in English too?

Do you think Joy wants the whole world talking about her weight!?

They showed pictures of her at "different weights" calling her "out of control" at one point.

Koreaboo, this girl is 19.

She already has a ton of pressure on her without this kind of stuff constantly being brought up.
And I'm certainly not Joy's size, so what does that mean for me if I'm not even Joy's size when she's the size you call "fat"
Am I that massive? How is that supposed to make me feel!?

We love you Joy!!!

What do you think: What's the issue with Koreaboo translating things like this. Does it make the situation worse or does it not matter?
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Translation is actually a good thing, whether its good or bad things. Because then we can have a better idea of whats going on, and defend our artists or cheer them on anymore.
they were just translating what someone noticed the change in her weight......
Poor girl! That is not okay! In any way!! I'm not familiar with the members of Red Velvet, but, I send my ♡.
If she is fat then I'm Violet from Charlie and the chocolate factory when she blew up like a blueberry. I bet none of them are a Triple 0.
joy looks the same! *coughs* if koreaboo saw me they would say I'm fat. I mean sure I got a tummy but joy nahhh! stop jugging