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Twenty years later and you're stills shedding tears.

Don't worry, you're not the only one. The first time you ever watched The Lion King it scarred you for life. Who knew a cartoon could have a such a huge impact on your life? Speaking of scar, you hated him in the movie, but I promise you will love this Halloween inspired makeup look.
Beauty guru, katyroleigh took her Scar inspired makeup to Instagram and it's pretty impressive. Going for a bold cat eye and the noticeable wounds from the film, she brought this Halloween look to life.
Using NYX products for the majority of her look, she shows us that quality looks don't have to be created using high end brands. She used both lip and eye pencils to create the scars on her face [NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk ($4) and NYX Lip Pencil in Natural ($3)].
To create these scars, you would "Use the lip liner first to create the gash, then draw dashes of eye pencil next to it. Finally, buff the lines together, which will create the illusion of depth."
You have exactly five days to get this look down packed and the kingdom will be all yours.
yes!!! def talented