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I really love Seraph of the end and I would have never found it if not for this AMV.
Created by: xGeminii
Song: "Darkest Part" by Red.
Description: After a mysterious virus wipes out ninety percent of humanity, vampires emerge from the recesses of the earth to enslave mankind, treating them like livestock. After growing tired of donating blood in exchange for protection, 12-year-old Yuichiro Hyakuya and his best friend Mikaela Hyakuya plot an escape along with the other orphans. After being the only successful runaway, Yuichiro joins the Moon Demon Company, an extermination unit of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army dedicated to killing off vampires.
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just started watching it cause my friend showed it to me and I totally love it >^^<
I've gotten into several anime by seeing an AMV of it, most notably KHR. This is really good. I'm gonna check this one out now.
better get that marathon going, season 2 just came out
My god. Need to watch this anime
By watching amv of fairy tail and SAO has gotten me hooked to those two, so I know I wont be disappointed