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This is a One Piece theory i wanted to share with all the One Piece fans! So here it is..... We all know that during the Fishman Island Arc there was a certain mermaid named Madam Sharley....
Madam Sharley has a Unique POWER and that power is to predict the future. BUT not only that,its also 100% ACCURATE, she has never been wrong. Her PREDICTION was Luffy would destroy fishman island and needs to be stopped....
During this she let everyone on the island know and king Neptune know Wat was going to happen. BUT we all know during that arc nothing of the SORT did....and this is where the theory plays its main role..I SAY Madam Sharley is NOT WRONG. Luffy in order to obtain One Piece and win the ANCIENT battle bcuz of the fate of the D... YES the WILL.OF. D will destroy fishmand island...
in this picture Corozan(Doflomingo's brother) tells law that the D are ENEMY of the GODS.....in this interpretation he means the Celestial Dragons who call themselves GOD'S. and of course act like it as well. Its an Ancient FEUD between the D and the "gods"...2 sides that have been fighting till THIS day!!
Mariejois is the HOLY land to these gods and they reside here and ONLY them no outsiders are allowed. BUT do you know Wats underneath this HOLY LAND?!?!?! ill tell u......FISHMAN ISLAND. sooo lemme explain when luffy does find one piece and then learns the true history of the world he will want to destroy the holy land with ofc the ANCIENT weapon or some weapon in this case to destroy the Holy Land but to do that he MUST destroy fishman island which is underneath the holy land thus destroying both. If your wondering why he must destroy fishman island its bcuz there is no way to get to the holy land and let alone destroy it. The Explosion of an island underneath another island is Catastrophic. Some foreshadowing happened when luffy dared to attack a Celestial Dragon in the auction house which he did. BUT when he does destroy fishman island then....wat happens to the fishmem????
GOD DAM NOAH comes in handy finally lol. This Legendary ship was created long ago for a Sole purpose that is unknown but assuming to help fishman island. WELL.....it will when luffy does destroy fishmen island they then WILL ALL use this boat to escape on so everyone will be safe. And then wen both islands get destroyed Luffy just triggered war throughout the whole world by destroying the world's GODS. oh shiiiiiiiet. Final Arc battle might shud happen..... this is the theory hoped you liked it I do have more that I will try to share soooon. DO tell he thoughts thank you!
@JayAndre not a bad guess but considering wat one piece and if it needs a key. but also Oda made a statement that the hat was only meant for sentimental value and nothing else
you know I hope I dont jinx anything but the hat thing makes sense. but what if the tje key to tne one piece 2as in destroying that hat? I mean face it the best place to hide something is in plan sight. and on the head of a captain its pretty well guarded.
@Jasz Yeah I didn't really mean the hat itself but the hat carries on the will of one piece and it's dreams but j will check it I'm stoked for it!!
@clobbersaurus @LuffyNewman u guys I put up the ultimate one piece theory, where I say wat one piece is and y, chck it out this theory will make more sense as well..
@LuffyNewman that's not a bad theory bro, but the reason why I dont think one piece is the hat is bcuz oda from wat the story so far wud not make sense. It is a fact that watever one piece is and I believe ik wat it is, will be on raftel. the hat is more of a heirloom thing. shanks gave it to luffy bcuz he said the exact words that roger said to him.
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