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Welcome to this week's edition of the Funny Community weekly game - "SO GOOD OR NO GOOD"! Every Monday, I post to ask your opinion on various things that a lot of people either strongly love or strongly hate, and then share the full community results!
Last week I asked you how you felt about Miracle Whip! Out of the 51 users who voted either way, Miracle Whip was decided to be 'SO GOOD' by JUST ONE VOTE.
That means MIRACLE WHIP WINS!!!!!!! (And the rest of us are judging you. Quietly, while eating our standard mayonnaise.)

Anyway, this week, I want to know - White Chocolate: So Good or No Good?

Choose wisely.

Leave your answers below.


I prefer dark chocolate, but I do not discriminate against my chocolates. Gotta eat em all. So yes. I will eat white chocolate. I wouldn't want it to be lonely.
2 years ago·Reply
Subway's white chocolate macadamia nuts cookies are my all time favourite! So my answer is YES
2 years ago·Reply
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@Animaniafreak I am with you on that! I loveeee dark chocolate
2 years ago·Reply
I am not really a fan of white chocolate. But I can definitely like them in those macadamia nut cookies!
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