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"Hello. It's me."

Adele you're not alone on this one. They may have not answered, but we're all guilty of picking up the phone and saying those three words. If you have yet to listen to Adele's new single "Hello", give it a listen [here]. Beware, it might just bring up old feelings. You know that one situation that started out as a good thing and ended on bad terms? We've all been down that road.
Although they say certain situations shouldn't be revisited, Adele makes it clear that at some point it happens. You get to thinking about past mistakes and the what if's, the tears begin to fall and you pick up the phone just to utter those four letters. As much as the radio has already played out this track in the past week, there's no getting around the fact that it's extremely relatable. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we've all been in Adele's shoes. Need proof? Keep scrolling to see seven apparent reasons why Adele's single is relatable.

Reason #1:

No matter how much we may act like we don't care, we've all questioned what went wrong at least once post breakup.

Reason #2:

It's human nature to revisit past events in our life. Missing someone is natural. It's missing the wrong people that causes us to go down a path we have no business going down.

Reason #3:

When we miss someone, it's easy for us to put the blame on ourselves.

Reason #4:

We usually just want closure, not to rekindle anything.

Reason #5:

No matter how much someone hurt us, sometimes the love is still there. Love will make you feel and do some crazy things.

Reason #6:

Moving on is harder than expected.

Reason #7:

Sometimes in order to move on, you have to try one last time.

Love hurts.

But saying "Hello" hurts even more.
ugh. I love love this song. I especially resonate with #3 :When we miss someone, it's easy for us to put the blame on ourselves. I struggle with trying to stop blaming myself for relationship things. “I’m sorry for everything that I’ve least I can see that I’ve tried” ugh so good.
#5. Yep. That one is the one I'm struggling with at the moment.
@nicolejb yeah, I feel ya. I will constantly analyze if I don't pull myself out of that place.
#5 is extremely hard and we all seem to struggle with that at some point or another. we can't help it sometimes @ButterflyBlu
that's great @nicolejb i's a process, we are all still learning :)
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