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Prove you're the best at comics trivia!

We played this game last week and it was SO MUCH FUN. Once again I'm thinking of TWO characters, one from Marvel and the other from DC. But I'm not telling you which is which!
Character 1:
Andy Warhol made the first live-action film with this character Hugh Hefner once threw a party themed after this character
Character 2:
She's bisexual. She's over 100 years old.

Good luck with this one!

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Batman and Mystique?!
@shannonI5 hey that's not fair I don't have comic book knowledge lol so I got no clue
1. Is batman 2. Is either Loki or Mystic although technically they'd be considered gender know...shape shifting and all.
@padfoot77 In that case I might be persuaded to drop hints...
@GeraldIngraham that's a good point! I actually kind of wonder what shape-shifting means in terms of gender identity. I feel like how you identify wouldn't change, but then again maybe it would? Lol I could probably get us all off track really fast haha