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Last week, Lee Joon finally made his long awaited appearance on ‘Iris 2‘, but his scatter of scenes hadn’t been enough to satisfy his fans. Thankfully, ‘Iris 2′ released a set of still cuts, hinting that viewers will be seeing more and more of Lee Joon in future episodes. The still cuts show Lee Joon teaching Baek Sung Hyun and Lee Seung Hak how to physically handle themselves. His character is a confident character who always has a smirk on his face, but he is actually completely professional once he starts to work. The still cuts perfectly depicts just that, as they show him smirking at the junior agents with ease at the beginning. But when he actually starts to show them judo, he gets completely serious and has no problem flipping the other agents down onto the mat. Even though Lee Joon suffered a slight injury when he was filming the scene, he bounced right back into filming. The next episode will air on March 6! Are you watching the drama?