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That's right, everybody! It's...


What's the challenge, you ask? Well, it couldn't be easier. Simply write a haiku about your favorite food! :D
Make your own card (preferably with a drool-worthy picture), or simply post in the comments below.
I couldn't decide between my two favorite foods: brownie batter and corn pudding. So I wrote one about each! ^_^ Aaaaand then I decided it was so much fun, I had better write two for each. So here are my four little haikus haha. You can just write one if you want :P

Brownie Batter

I don’t care if you
are full of salmonella.
Brownie batter = yes.
Chocolatey delight,
Forget the brownies, I'll just
Lick the freakin' bowl.

Corn Pudding

Corn pudding, no one
Has heard of you but me, but
You are the best food.
Corn. Flour. Sugar.
Eggs, salt, and pepper. This is
what heaven tastes like.

Let's see some haikus!! :D

A delicacy; juicy, tender, delicious, you are tasty lamb. Raw, cooked, or tempura you contain. Art in itself Simply amazing
This is just crazy. But I do love it. I need to think of a good haiku
Raw Cookie Dough Is Quite Possibly The Greatest Thing To Ever Hit My Mouth Do Not Feed Me Lies About How It Is Bad, Though I have Yet To Die. How's that? lol
@ChriSingularis Mmmmm lamb. Your haikus made my mouth water.
@RaquelArredondo Hehehe definitely do ^_^ And then tag me!!! <3
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