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Hey all :) Since I'm really digging TWICE these days, I'm thinking about making some cards that will help you recognize & then get to know each member!!! So let me know if you wanna learn them, kay?

First up is Mina!

I'm just gonna share some pics & basic facts ^^

Mina's full name is Myoui Mina!

She's Japanese-American (born in San Antonio)!
She was born on March 24, 1997!

I've seen her described as the "dark sexy ballerina" of TWICE!

She's talented in ballet and considered to be one of the best dancers of the group ^^ She did ballet for 11 years but has since stopped.

Her motto is to "live while enjoying life!"

She was a trainee for 1 year before joining the show "Sixteen."

She likes finding good restaurants to eat at and shopping!

She also hopes that their group can be similar to SISTAR as they keep growing!

Bye bye for now!~~