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Okay, as some of you all might know, I've recently started watching One Piece. I know I'm showing up late to the party, but I was just too daunted by the length of it before to really give it a shot. However, I figured that enough is enough, so I really started in earnest. Last time I wrote about the anime, I was about 30 episodes in.
Now I'm up to episode 125, which feels like a lot, but really is still the beginning T_T. But anyway, I figured I'd share some thoughts I have on the anime so far!
The only things I really knew going in was that One Piece is an anime about pirates, and the main character is like... stretchy. I figured at first that this is a dumb power to have, and that it wouldn't have practical use in fights.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

{Okay this gif is from further in the future than I am in the anime, but googling for Luffy fighting gifs results in all stuff I haven't seen yet, so bleh.}
See, I never imagined what being a rubber man could do for your fighting style in terms of the range it offers you. Luffy is able to fight from a greater distance in hand-to-hand combat because of his Devil Fruit powers. Hell, the range actually makes his hits more impactful. Plus the speed which he can throw punches, and the elasticity of his arms, it all makes it seem like he's punching dozens of times for every one punch.


OH shit I didn't think I'd like this guy so much. When I first saw that he uses three swords, and one is in his mouth, I initially thought that it was some dumb kitschy thing. Again, I was very wrong. This dude is a damn BEAST.
Where I'm at, he just beat Mr. 1, the guy whose whole body was basically steel blades. Zoro promised that he would learn to cut steel in that fight, and oh by George he did it.


When Chopper was first introduced, I thought he was just a kawaii-type character added to make the show a little fluffier, a little more kid-friendly or something. While I still belive that that's at least partially true, I underestimated the stuff he could do. He's still the most recent addition to the crew, so I'm sure I'll see more impressive stuff from him in the future, but for now he's actually surprising me at many turns.
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to tell you I can't wait for you to get to the new world transition just to see how strong luffy is without using any of his powers.
2 years ago·Reply
You still can a Fars way to go but it just gets better the further you go
2 years ago·Reply
I have a problem it's been about 1 1/2 months and I'm on episode 600 something is there anything I can do to keep busy once I caught up?
2 years ago·Reply
well to tell you I keep myself busy with either hanging with friends, playing games, or watching other anime so waiting for the weekend isn't that bad for every new episode. the only bad thing is when you have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode
2 years ago·Reply
oh I hate when that happens when it's filler and then you wait two weeks and then what do you know more filler
2 years ago·Reply