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In Los Llanos, Venezuela there was a young, spoiled boy who got anything he wanted. He was a very odd child, and both children and adults alike feared him. He never played with other children and spent most of his days silently watching other children play. Although he grew up poor, his family gave him anything he wanted. Whenever he did not receive what he wanted, he’d scream and shout in anger.
“I do not want this food!” the boy shouted.
“What would you rather have?” the father asked.
“I want deer meat. The biggest, best deer meat you can find!”
“Okay, son --”
“Go, now! I am hungry and will not eat until you bring me a deer.”
The father gathered his hunting things and went out into the thick creek bottoms to find his son dinner. As the dim-lighted skies became completely black and freckled with stars, the father gave up on finding deer. There was not a deer in sight. The darkness and the lightening-cracked skies made it difficult for the father to see. Empty handed and exhausted, the father returned home.
“Where is my deer meat?!” the child shouted.
“The woods were bare, son. I am sorry.”
“I AM NOT HAPPY!” the child kicked and screamed.
“Tomorrow I will find you deer meat. Please eat the soup your mother cooked for you. It’s delightfully made. She spent all afternoon preparing the soup for you.”
"NOOOO! YOU WILL PAY! YOU WILL PAY NOW!" the boy screamed.
The little boy grabbed the hunting knife from his fathers hands and repeatedly stabbed him. The boy stabbed his father so many times, his father's guts and blood spat all over the kitchen walls.
The son's grandfather and mother ran into the kitchen after hearing the screams. But they were too late. When they arrived, the father was already dead and the young boy stood over the dead body with his father's blood covering every inch of his flesh.

"What have you done!?" the mother sobbed and screamed.
The grandfather sought to severely punish the boy for what he had done. The grandfather tied the young boy onto a post in the woods, where his screams would be drowned by the emptiness. The grandfather began to whip the young boy. The grandfather then washed the open wounds with gin and lemon. When the grandfather was done torturing the young boy, he made the boy carry a sack of his father's remains and told him to run away and never come back.

"Eso no se le hace a su padre...Maldito eres, pa´ toa´ la vida," the grandfather shouted.

The grandfather released the dogs on the young boy.

As the young boy was being chased by the dogs, he whistled in a distinct musical scale...

♫ ♫Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. ♫

The dogs finally caught up with the young boy. The boy was then cursed and left to roam and live in the plains forever. Death was brought to whoever wandered and come across the young boy. He was known by the name El Silbón.
He'd follow his victims at night, whistling. The more faint his whistles become, the closer he actually is to you. If his whistles are heard loudly and close, you are safe.

Dare to walk through the plains?

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It's so good! I honestly thought it was a copy paste
Thank you so much I really appreciate that!! ^_^ ...This belongs to a collection of Urban Legends I have on here. .... I just created the story around an urban legend that has many versions in Latin America.
@alywoah so I just sat my daughters down and I read them this story. My middle child left the room. Geez, I'm wicked v
Didn't mean to put that "v"