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Does it come as any surprise?

In a recent lecture, psychologist JoAnn Deak made a startling comment on love:
"We now know that the chemical changes in parts of the brain when you're in love are equal to that of heroin doses or high cocaine doses, so you kind of know — if you have to ask if you're in love, you're not."
There are plenty of studies that confirm her statement. When you're head over heels in love, your brain releases a flood of dopamine, also known as the reward hormone. This is responsible for the feeling of euphoria that accompanies falling in love. Funnily enough, it's the exact same thing that happens to your brain when you take cocaine or heroin.
In one study, psychologist Helen Fisher found that when subjects who claimed to be deeply in love looked at a photograph of their partner, the brain regions that became active were the same regions that light up when someone takes cocaine – or has an orgasm.

Basically, love is a drug. But we all knew that already ;)

Now I just wonder if this means love can be addictive, like a drug can. What do you think? @ChriSingularis @Arellano1052 @RaquelArredondo @nicolejb
HMMMMM......I think love is a drug. But to each, love is viewed differently. One's love can be just spending time alone and looking at each other. Another could be having a fun night out in the city. Especially in today's world love is perceived completely different than say back in the day or arranged marriage. The one difference I noticed with love and drugs is that love is unexpected whereas drugs you kind of need a prescription. Question is can you prescribe 3 tablets of love, daily, taken with meal?
hahahaha I love that quote, “if you have to ask if you are in love, you’re not.” I’ve been in so many relationships where I think “is this right?” but now I know I was right for ending it.
@nicolejb to reverse that you'll have to find another drug(love) which has higher effects. But we never know when that drug will finish just like the previous one.
it really is a drug. Its effects can be worst though
There's that self love too. Kind of symbolic how there's many love and drugs.
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