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Let's hear it for Loki!

He might not be the King of Asgard, but he is definitely the King of Snark. The Marvel Universe is known for it's snark and quips, but nobody does it like Loki.

Dripping with attitude.

The field where he keeps all his f***s is clearly barren.

He didn't even need to use words.

The face says it all.

Oh death threats?

No big deal, just a regular Monday.


He does some really snarky Cap impersonations. Great at parties.

"I'll have that drink now."

Just, you know, if that offer is still on the table.
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There's never enough Loki! ❤❤❤❤ this card
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I did hear once that people complained about the Thor movies because Loki's character was outshining Thor himself. I didn't mind. 😂 I love Loki and Tom Hiddleston is a stud. Have you seen the picture of him in his Loki attire with some boy on his shoulders holding a Capt. America shield!? *swoon* (husband-approved crush, BTW - we are both on the same page!)
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I could just stare into those snarky blue eyes forever......*sigh*😍
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Minons of mischief sounds evil and spunky, me like lol @jennygirl
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